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Who We Are

CivCity is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit that's working to build a community-wide culture of civic engagement in Ann Arbor – infused with diverse ways to participate in local government and civic life – that will serve as a national model for re-energized democracy.

What We Do

CivCity's programs & partnerships focus on expanding Ann Arbor residents’ knowledge of how local government works, and increasing participation in civic life through education, information and outreach.

Our work fits into four overarching goals:

GOAL 1: Identify and pursue projects that will help residents of all ages learn about local government and encounter opportunities for civic involvement in everyday life.

GOAL 2: Reach traditionally disengaged parts of the community, including low-income residents and youth.

GOAL 3: Develop mechanisms for providing news and information about the actions of local government entities, and build systems to ensure widespread, ongoing distribution.

GOAL 4: Increase informed, meaningful participation in local elections.